Useful Tools & Tips for FileMaker Pro

  • Key Scrambler
    The Key Scrambler file contains a simple script that takes a unique 32-character string and scrambles the characters into a new string using FileMaker's "Random" function plus an extra twist or two. The string can be used as the key for encryption schemes requiring a random 32-character key such Brian Dunning's Easy Encryption. Note that the key does not contain the number one or zero, or the letters "I" or "O", to avoid entry confusion. To create a new string, simply click the button. New string is copied to the clipboard. Download: FM5/6 Zip file | FM7/8 Zip file

  • QuickKey Shortcuts for Renaming Layouts, Relationships and Scripts
    This file contains three QuickKeys shortcuts useful for adding prefixes to Layouts, Relationships and Scripts in FileMaker Pro 6 prior to conversion and consolidation of multiple tables into a single file in FileMaker 7/8. The shortcuts for Layouts and Relationships allow the addition of a prefix consisting of a few letters and spaces to identify the original table (file) that the object came from making it much easier to locate things later in the consolidated file. The "Rename Scripts" shortcut is designed to preface all the scripts in a file with a number (I start with 1000), a space or two and a 2 or 3 character table abbrieviation. Some of the steps in these scipts depend on specific button locations and may need to be adjusted for your setup and dialogs. You will most likely need to tweek them in order for them to work properly, but once they do they can save you a great deal of time. If you are converting and consolidating a large solution form FM6 to FM8, having your scripts numbered can help enormously. I'm working with a couple of solutions that initially have about 3000 scripts after consolidation of 30 tables into one and it would be nearly impossible to work efficiently without the numbers. My thanks to Chad Novotny of The Support Group for the idea. These shortcuts are provided "as is" for you to experiment with. You are at your own risk using them and I strongly recommend making a backup of your database files each time you use them just in case they don't work as expected. Download:

  • RAM Disk for FM Server 5.5
    Running FM Server 5.5 in a RAM Disk, can dramatically increase performance in a multi-user environment by 300-800% depending on the operation. This archive contains detailed instructions written by Michael A. Scott, North Region Program Project Manager for CalTrans, for setting up FileMaker Server with a RAM disk, including a revised backup strategy. These documents were originally presented as part of a Workshop at the 2000 FileMaker Developers Conference and are made available here with permission from Michael Scott. You can contact him directly at this . Note: This technique is specific to FileMaker Server 5.5 and is not recommended for later versions. Download: Mac .sit file | PC .zip file

"MacZambia" Project

  • Dedication Technologies Inc. has been working closely with the World Computer Exchange to bring working Macintosh computers via cargo container to poor and rural schools in Zambia. Since 2004 we've facillitated the transfer of over 3000 Macintosh computers to Zambia (mostly early iMacs and All-In-One G3s), as well as another 350 to Guatemala. To see slide show of the initial loads of computers arriving in Zambia, check out the website of New Vision for Africa.

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