StudioSchool Pro® is a comprehensive, integrated Management System developed to elegantly address the database needs of many different organizations, especially non-profits. Originally designed for Music and Arts schools, StudioSchool Pro is ideal for any community organization, program or business involved in education or training.

Explore StudioSchool Pro and see how smart and accessible integration of your organization's data can greatly increase your reach and effectiveness. We invite you to take the Preview Tour or try out the fully functioning Demo version at the StudioSchool Pro home page.

Custom Database Development & Consulting

Dedication Technologies provides FileMaker Pro database design services to meet your organization's evolving needs. Our services and specialties include:

  • Data analysis and database development and management for businesses, arts and educational organizations, and non-profits
  • Conversion from earlier versions of FileMaker Pro
  • Conversion of existing data or databases to FileMaker Pro
  • Data migration services

Our clients include: businesses doing manufacturing, sales and auctions; acadmic institutions, including higher education, grade school and non-academic; international NGOs, researchers, professionals, and individuals.

Located in Amherst, Massachusetts, USA, Dedication Technologies (formerly Human Data Design) works with clients nationwide as well as in Europe and Latin America. Our clients include non-profits, education (k-12 and higher ed) as well as businesses large and small. 

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We understand that non-profits are built on the dedication of people who hold a vision of service to others. It is our intention to support that dedication by providing the most effective and accessible management tools possible.

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